Anhänger Great Rite/ Großer Ritus - Bronze

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Anhänger Great Rite/ Großer Ritus - Bronze

Wunderschöner Anhänger von Paul Burda designed - zeigt den heidnischen "Großen Ritus"


This image came primarily from Paul's own book of shadows. Paul's goal was to unite as much Pagan imagery into one piece as possible so that it could be used as a teaching tool. It shows the complexity of how everything interrelates so it is clear to the student or practitioner who wishes to discover the multilayered meanings. There are three major sections: The Great Rite with Divine Child, star chart and calendar.

Material: Bronze

Maße: 2,5cm x x2,5cm

Anhänger Charm Amulett Symbol keltische nordisch Schutz Esoterik Magie Naturspiritualität Wicca Asatru Hexenkult Nordleute Wikinger Kelten Germanen OBOD Druiden ADF