Our statues are made in India from a variety of organic materials, including Ganges clay, Gypsumstone, cast pewter and brass, and polymer resins. Cold cast bronze is a mixture of bronze powder, Ganges clay and resin. Cold cast pewter is a mixture of metal powders, Ganges Clay and resin. They are intended for indoor or outdoor use.

Ganges river clay is rich in minerals and history. The Ganges is considered a Goddess in her own right, entering the earth after trickling through Shiva's matted hair and flowing out from under a glacier high in the Himalayas. She travels across northern India to reach the Indian Ocean near Calcutta and Bangladesh. Many holy bathing ghats line Her shores. Hereditary artists work in clay making Murtis (statues) for festivals. Our clay is harvested not far from the sacred Kali Ghats from which Calcutta gets its name.

Gypsumstone is an artist's castable material used for making models and statues. Gypsum has the amazing property of forming curved crystals in the earth called Selenite. Crescent shaped Selenite is named after the Roman Moon Goddess, Selene. So when you buy a Gypsumstone statue, it is made from crystals of the Goddess of the Moon.

Brass is mostly made of copper, a metal sacred to the Goddess Venus since ancient times. As Aphrodite, she originally came from the island of Cyprus, a land rich in copper deposits. Our brass statues harken back to the smithwork sacred to the Goddess of Cyprus.

Resin is a modern matrix of hydrocarbons. While resin is a man-made material we can still find the Goddess at work. The word matrix implies the Great Mother in her birthing form, hydro means water and carbon comes from the earth. While not the most earth-friendly of the list, it's a durable and versatile medium that allows us to make statues with projecting arms and ones suitable for outdoor use.

Our finishes are hand applied using water based pigments and paints. Hand painted statues are detailed and polished by artisans. Other finishes are meant to replicate the look of a specific material such as Terracotta or Red Bronze. And others are made to duplicate the original finish of an actual artifact, such as red/black or silver/brown. The handmade nature of our statues means that the finishes will occasionally vary. Please view this as part of the artist's license with their work that makes each piece unique. We are continually striving to improve our products, and this may cause changes as well. As many finishes are water based, it is best to protect the statue with a sealant such as satin spray polyurethane (from any hardware store) if it is going to be used near water for rituals or pujas to keep the paint from running.

Plaque - Wandtafel - Wandschmuck - Jahresrad - Wheel of the Year Plaque by Mickie Mueller - Holzoptik

Statue - Brigid - mit Teelichtern - Brigit Candle by Mickie Mueller - Ton-Optik - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Cernunnos 10" - Der Gehörnte Gott - Design from Gundestrup Kessel Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Cernunnos 6" - Der Gehörnte Gott - Design from Gundestrup Kessel - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Der Gehörnte Gott Votiv Kerzenhalter - Horned God Votiv by Mickie Mueller - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Dreifache Brigid - Triple Brigid - Ton-Optik - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Gundestrup Kessel/ Cauldron 3/5 der Originalgröße - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Mond-Göttin Votiv Kerzenhalter - Moon Goddess Votiv by Mickie Mueller - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Offering Bowl by Abby Willowroot Goddess - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Pentakel Gott - Pentacle God by Abby Willowroot - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Pentakel Göttin - Pentacle Goddess by Abby Willowroot - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Spiral Gott - Spiral God by Abby Willowroot - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf

Statue - Spiral Göttin - Spiral Goddess by Abby Willowroot - Dekoration - Ritualbedarf